Position the anchor with the magnetic bottom to the interior of your safe. Instead you could also place it onto the side or the top of your safe. (Please refer to photograph 1)
Please ensure that the shortest side of the anchor is facing you.
If sufficient space is available, we recommend positioning the anchor at the side of your safe. (Please also refer to photograph 1)
Ensure that the belt does not block the lock holes. (Please check this)
Next, the safe door should be closed (Please refer to photograph 2) and locked, (Please refer to photograph3) while ensuring that the longest end of the belt protrudes from the safe...
Subsequently the belt is to be firmly tightened, until a click is heard. (Please refer to photograph 4)
The anchor has now attached itself to the interior.
Take your MILOCKIE® ensuring that the eye-bolt is fully turned back (Please refer to photograph 5) and push the belt through the groove of the rubber and the buckle - at the bottom side (Please refer to photograph 7) while using your thumb to continuously press down the lip of the buckle.(Please refer to photograph 6)
Attach your MILOCKIE® as tight as possible to the safe door. (Please refer to photograph 8)
Next, the eye-bolt is to be fully tightened (Please refer to photograph 9) (Your MILOCKIE® will now be drawn very tight against the safe door). (Please refer to photograph 10)
The remaining end of the belt protruding from the buckle, can now be pushed in between the open buckle. (Please refer to photograph 11)
Next, place the cover over the bottom side and attach your personal padlock.(Please refer to photograph 12)
You are the only one who has a key or code, none of the hotel employees will have access, with a mother key or code, which is in our view very reassuring.
Only by using force or tools it can be break off.
If you want to remove your MILOCKIE®, you loosen the eye-bolt until you can press down the lip of the buckle and the belt is released (it is recommended to subsequently tighten the eye-bolt once again. so that it is ready for the next use).
It is not required to remove the belt from the buckle each time you remove your MILOCKIE®. Just ensure that the end of the belt remains in the buckle.
If you position MILOCKIE® on your safe, please photograph this with a camera or your telephone. After all, one never knows what can happen and proof that your MILOCKIE® was actually positioned on your safe is of significant importance. (For insurance purposes)

Click the magnetic anchor on the insite of the safe. Close the safe. Lock the safe.
Pull firmly to the belt. Turn the eyebolt completely back. Press the lip of the buckle down.
Place the belt into the MILOCKIE®. Attach your Milockie manual as tightly as possible. The eyebolt must be fully tightened.
This is okay. Push the remaining belt between the buckle. Place the cover and your padlock.



Ensure that the old belt is removed.
Next, position the anchor on the longest side with the magnet positioned at the left-hand side and facing you.
Subsequently the belt should be pushed away – approximately 13 cm – through groove A.(Please refer to photograph A1)
This is approximately 1.3 times the length of the anchor.
Next the belt should be pushed through groove B (Please refer to photograph A2), and subsequently back through groove C (Please refer to photograph A3), finally the belt should be pushed back again through groove A (Please refer to photograph A4), this is referred to as the shortest end or short end where only a limited length of the belt will remain.
Next, the longest end of the belt is to be pushed into groove C. (Please refer to photograph A5)
Hold the anchor between the fingers and pull it firmly and tightly.
The anchor is now ready for use.
As soon as you have positioned a new belt, we recommend you position your MILOCKIE® onto your safe once, in order to ascertain that you have positioned the belt firmly onto the anchor.

A1 A2 A3
A4 A5



When you positioned and subsequently released your MILOCKIE® approximately 30 times (in general the duration of one holiday), it is recommended to shift the belt approximately 2 cm in order to ensure that the buckle will once again have a firm grip on the belt.
Please proceed, by following the steps below:
The short end of the belt should be fully pushed out, by pushing it backwards through the groove. The long and short end of the belt is now both in the same groove.
Next, only the longest end of the belt is to be pushed backwards – approximately 2 cm out of the groove, and subsequently the shortest end should be pulled tightly.
The shortest end of the belt should now be pushed back through the groove from which you removed it (Groove A). Take the belt between your fingers and pull it tightly.
The belt is now repositioned to ensure a new and firm grip.



You fail to position your MILOCKIE® properly onto your safe.
After closing the safe door, you failed to firmly pull the belt prior to positioning your MILOCKIE® onto your safe.
Prior to pushing the belt through the rubber and buckle, you failed to turn back the eye-bolt fully.
It could be that you need to reposition the belt 2 cm, as the buckle no longer has a firm grip.
(By the that time you have positioned and released your MILOCKIE® at least 30 times)
Please refer to the chapter: "Repositioning the belt".
You did not succeed in tightening the belt against the safe door in an adequate and firm manner. This is an absolutely required step in order to be able to tighten it to a maximum by means of the eye-bolt.
You are not able to open the safe door when you have removed your MILOCKIE® (in other words, it remains jammed) almost never happen.
Hit a view times with your fist against the safe door.
Than firmly pull on the belt, the door will then open automatically.
In order to prevent the above-mentioned, it is necessary to read and observe the instructions properly.
Once you have succeeded in positioning your MILOCKIE® the first time, it will be child’s play the next time.
The MILOCKIE® manufacturer wishes you a pleasant and most importantly, a safe holiday.


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